Lichfield Camera Club Member

Hi Darron,

I just wanted to say how much I thoroughly enjoyed last night!
From someone who is new to the club and totally lacking in confidence, your pictures were really inspiring, the stories going with them both entertaining and valuable in advice.
If I can manage to take a picture as half as good as your first I will be immensely happy!! I will never look at a Yale key in the same light again!
Thank you again for a truly wonderful night.

Kind Regards Carol (Harris)

Rugeley and Armitage Camera Club

Hi Darron,

We would like to thank you for a very entertaining and Informative evening, feedback from our members show that everyone enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and humour you put into the evening, your work was exceptional, we loved your nature pictures and your 'creative' side, I wish i could replicate this alone!
Very best wishes for the future, we look forward to seeing you again.

Carole & David Perry

Rugeley and Armitage Camera Club Newsletter

Last week we were really back on track with our Guest Speaker. Darron Matthews entertained us with his presentation titled 'My Camera Club Journey'. Darron provided us with an excellent evenings entertainment. Darron is a member of Lichfield Camera Club of which he joined because his first choice club held their meetings on the same night as he played pool. Darron has since given up pool to concentrate on photography. This is definitely photography's gain as Darron demonstrated his skills in various photographic genre, including landscapes and abstract, but most of all in macro nature photography. It's no exaggeration to say his macro images were stunning. Even those members with Insect phobia couldn't help but be impressed. Not only were the images excellent, but Darron was a thoroughly nice chap as well. Having a whole alphabet of letters after his name certainly hasn’t given him airs and graces. Hopefully he can come back with another presentation soon.

Aston & Erdington Photographic Society

We had the most wonderful evening and members were still talking about it, weeks later.
We expected to see your stunning wildlife images but were amazed by your enthralling landscape images too. A few members said they had visited some of the places featured but said they hadn't seen them looking that good. One of our members, is an avid caravanner and has been to many of the places you have been. She was making copious notes all through your talk and commented how much you inspired her. I also have the feeling that our next Three of a Kind competition will be very colourful too. Also, the last time we had so much enthusiasm after a talk was after Gianpiero Ferrari gave us his talk "One Year of Wildlife" and before that Michael Windle's "A Stroll on the Wild Side".
However, I cannot remember many more occasions.
Thank you very much from Aston and Erdington members, it was lovely to have an evening where everyone enjoyed and appreciated your images, it doesn't happen very often!

Best wishes and good luck with your FRPS panel.
Linda Johnson
Programme Secretary

Rugeley and Armitage Camera Club

Hi Darron, We would like to thank you so much for judging 'The George Lamb Trophy' competition for us on Monday night, It was a great evening helped tremendously by you, I can't believe it was your first time for live judging, you were excellent, good critique with advice when needed, served with enough humour to make the evening go well, I don't think you planned the end decision to go as it did but believe me you could hear a pin drop in that room, everyone was almost holding their breath waiting with anticipation for your final decision, it was brilliant.
Once again thank you so much, members feedback was that they really enjoyed the night and thought you were a great judge.
Thank you for donating your fee to St. Giles Hospice our chosen charity.


Rocester & District Camera Club

Just a quick note to thank you for visiting our club and judging our internal club competition themed on the colour red. You did a great job at keeping the evening moving along. You made some incisive comments about the images, offering advice for improvement and explaining how you assessed the image, and came to a conclusion on marks and placings. This was educational and instructive and kept us engaged throughout. Most of all though, and based on comments I got about the evening, it was entertaining! Your style of delivery went down very well with our members and, to be honest, I think your natural humorous asides and engagement with the audience elicited more laughter than I’d heard in our previous recent competitions. While that is not essential for a competition judge, it did make for a fun and relaxing evening and everyone went away happy (regardless of their scores or placings!). I heard members say that they were pleased that you would be back with us later in the season to give a talk - that’s music to the ears of the programme secretary, a great success! Thank you.
With best regards,
Rob Sample

Programme Secretary
Rocester & District Camera Club


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